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May 10, 2015

A new Yorkie Mix looking for her forever home!


Ella is a 10-month-old, 9-pound Pomeranian/Yorkie mix. She is a precious little girl who loves to sleep in your lap. She is crate-trained at night and stays there when her foster mommy isn't home. She is house-trained as long as she is let out regularly, and she isn't a big barker unless she sees something outside. She loves to play with other dogs, but she does bark at one of the cats. She has not been tested with small children but is good with older kids. She loves treats and riding in the car.  Learn more about Ella from the site www.helpinglittlepaws.com or call (501) 888-2702  ARKANSAS


April 5, 2015

ANGEL, the Maltese Mix looking for a home - Lancaster Pennsylvania. This Morkie - currently at Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc. Fallston, MD is a lovable, friendly female about 5 years old and she needs a home.  For more information, please visit Petfinder here, or Fallston Animal Rescue.



NEWS - March 20, 2015 

Male morkie looking for a new home 

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.13.35 AM

This little guy was featured on a morning TV show here: bit.ly/1CCWgsn

He's four years old and located in Houston.  Check the Houston Humane Society where they have more than one Terrier Mix.  Here's another one called Emmet:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.16.18 AM

Feb. 20/15 news - Maltese mix in Westchester County, NY needs a forever home


Little Coconut was the victim of hit-and-run... now after months of rehab, surgery and physio this brave, loving little one-year-old is looking for a forever home.  Read more: http://bit.ly/1DGAZxU


  1. theresa says:

    Hi! Where are you located? Could I get a picture ? And would you consider accepting $350

  2. S&D says:

    We would like to rescue and spoil a female Morkie, potty trained. We live in San Diego.

  3. Raiza Gutierrez says:

    Hi I want to adopt morkie puppy I’m located in the Houston,Texas area do you know if there somewhere I can go and look?

  4. Shannon schwartzmiller says:

    Looking to adopt a morkie puppy!

  5. Rose Williams says:

    Where are you located?

  6. Nakeia says:

    Is Sophie still available? If so, how much are you rehoming her for? Has she had any experience with children?

  7. Debra says:

    I am looking for a male morkie around a year old and trained , I live in the north York area of Toronto we do not have kids just me and my husband and need a new child in our life. One of us is usually around home. Please let me know if you know of anyone that needs to find a new forever home, both my husband and I love all animals and just lost our little kitty cat max last year at the age of 17. We need a little furry man to love!

  8. Emily says:

    August 24, 2014 at 4:47 pm
    Female Toy Morkie – House Broke. Toy Breed, will only be 5 lbs as adult
    Morkie is 6 month old and potty trained on pads. She is up to date on her shots and no medical problems. Puppy is spayed and up to date on shots. (will accept other offers close to sale price)

    Still time if you want to train outside instead. Only eats twice a day. Morkie is very lovable and friendly. Sophie is her name & she does not bark at all and sleeps very well in a small kennel at night or next to you in bed if you allow. * will give better price if you buy before 27th of this month – need to rehome ASAP. due to my schedule. – will accept other offers, right now asking price is 650 – number is 614-202-8177 – please call or text

    Price includes, two month of food, pads, treats, (11 months of flee and tick med -”value of $250″) and carry bag
    Pick up anytime you would like – puppy is very good. If I did not work over 10 hours a day I would keep this puppy..
    contact – emilysheiberger@yahoo.com

  9. bernadett says:

    hi emily, r u still looking the new home for sophie? im intresting about her, email to me about all information, price….. thank u

  10. Casey says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a younger female
    Morkie, or already potty trained if older. Teacup size would be ideal!


  11. Christina says:


    I’m looking for a male morkie. Are there any out there that need a home? I currently have a 3 year old golden as well, that needs a friend and is very lovable. We had a 18 year old yorkie as well, but he recently passed away about a month ago. The loss has been unbearable. Please let me know. Thank you! And thank you to all the wonderful people who continue to reach out and rescue pets!


  12. Avery says:

    Im very interested!!! please email me back as soon as you can :)

  13. Emily says:

    Female Toy Morkie – House Broke. Toy Breed, will only be 5 lbs as adult
    Morkie is 6 month old and potty trained on pads. She is up to date on her shots and no medical problems. Puppy is spayed and up to date on shots. (will accept other offers close to sale price)

    Still time if you want to train outside instead. Only eats twice a day. Morkie is very lovable and friendly. Sophie is her name & she does not bark at all and sleeps very well in a small kennel at night or next to you in bed if you allow. * will give better price if you buy before 27th of this month – need to rehome ASAP. due to my schedule.

    Price includes, two month of food, pads, treats, (11 months of flee and tick med -“value of $250″) and carry bag
    Pick up anytime you would like – puppy is very good. If I did not work over 10 hours a day I would keep this puppy..
    contact – emilysheiberger@yahoo.com

  14. Casey says:

    Are you still looking to rehome your puppy?

  15. Sarah says:


    I would love to adopt a morkie-preferably male. Please let me know-

  16. corey says:

    Hi Emily

    Do you still have your Morkie? We are looking for one. If you still need a family for your dog to come live with, can you email me back….Thanks!


  17. Mary Standiford says:

    I live in Washington Pa . I recently found a stray Yorkie mix but the owner just claimed her. My heart is broken because she was such a sweet dog. I lost my Jack Russell 4 yeArs ago and it hasn’t been the same. I want a dog that is a little older than the 6 week old puppies that I have found. She sounds like what I am looking for. Is she still available? Do you have pictures?
    Mary Standiford
    724 503 8434

  18. Faye Birns says:

    Can you send me pictures?? I would love to see her:) I would be very interested!!!!!

  19. pam says:

    Has she found a home yet?

  20. Let me know if you still have your morkie??If you still have her please let me know asap looking 816-3268580 I can travel but dont have alot of money I live in kc,mo and live with my husband which is 94 years old and my 2year old sm.rat terrier Iam 57 next month Please let me know by phone and e-mail? 1loneystorm@gmail

  21. Jose says:

    Hey I am interested in ur puppie, can u please email me at gamerpro377@gmail.com thanks

  22. Emily says:

    If you are interested please email me too at emilysheiberger@yahoo.com

  23. Emily says:

    I have a 7 month female Morkie. She is house broken and very smart puppy. I work 10 hours a day and do not have the time and can give her much attn. that she needs. She staying in her kennel all day and I feely bad. I am from Columbus Ohio area. I am only going to charge a little for all the additional things I can give you like her pen, pads, and kennel. She need a loving home, she is a very sweet dog and loves to play. I want to be sure I can re-home her in a nice place that she deserves.

  24. djg0333 says:

    Here’s a Maltese mix for adoption near LA – Frosty is an altered male white Maltese mix about 12 years old.

    He is very healthy. His owner went into a nursing home, so now Frosty is looking for a new home.
    He is an inside dog that gets along with other dogs and cats. He is better in an adult-only home. If you would like to adopt Frosty ask for ID No. A4668510 at the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter, 29525 Agoura Road. Occasionally pets have already been adopted, so check http:// animalcare. lacounty. gov before visiting the shelter.

  25. Rose Williams says:

    I am interested in either a male or female Morkie and reside in Kernersville, NC. I can travel to VA or SC also. I have a 20 month old, 5lb female and am ready to make an addition to our small family. It has been very discouraging because when I went to the rescue groups I was hit with such exhorbant prices. I couldn’t find any Morkies only Yorkies. Please read this and help me find a little furry friend. Thanks

  26. Nancy says:

    Hi! I’m in search of a young adult Morkie to adopt, buy or rescue . I am only finding puppies . What recommendations do you have for me on how or where to call or contact. One friend suggested to me that when a breeder is done with a female Morkie , that dog might be available . I have checked with my vet and several breeders in Virginia and beyond who have not been able to provide any answers to me. Any thoughts or ideas for me to check on? Thank you .

  27. Jamie says:

    We are looking to rescue a female morkie under 6 that is good with children and other dogs. We are in central pa but are willing to travel up to 250 miles. Please email me at jamielcarey@yahoo.com. We have been searching daily for months on petfinder and some other sites but when we find one that would be a good fit there is already an application on her. Thank you.

  28. Candice says:

    Happy New Year Everyone! I’m looking for a female morkie around two years old in the Denver, Colorado area. I have been looking for over a year and now it’s another new year and I am so ready for my pup! She must be 2 because they don’t allow young puppies in the place I live. Many thanks for any leads!

  29. marianna says:

    if you decided you are interested contact us…..9184401181 thanks…have a blessed new year

  30. Kelly says:


  31. Kelly says:

    I am so close to tears, I have been on the internet for two days looking for a Puppy Morkie, but I cannot afford the prices, I am a 45 year old female who is on disability, I can’t afford to buy one or fly one to me. I live in Wisconsin so if there is anyone in Wisconsin that is looking for someone to rescue a Morkie I would be more than honor to take him or her. PLEASE NO SCAMERS!!!

  32. Dominique says:

    I aam live in the Hampton Roads area an I would like to adopt a morki. I have a small friendly mixed breed already who needs a friend. Anyone know where I can go to adopt or rescue one to give a forever home?

  33. Bridget says:

    I am a first time dog owner, I bought my Morkie when he was 8 weeks old, he will be 2 in Feb. I have come to the realization that I am not the ideal pet owner, I work a million hours and he does get the love that he really wants. I moved from the country to the city and he really misses his free reign to be able to go out a run around. His parents are papered as is he and he is registered with the Hybrid Club. He is up to date on all vaccinations and will be getting a hair cut in the next week. He is potty trained for the most part. He will go on a pad but if there isnt one he doesnt hold it for very long and will go on the carpet. He is very welcoming and barks alot when I come home. Picking him up settles his barking. He is great with other dogs, cats, and kids (he has been around newborns and did very well)

    He is blonde with a red tint and full grown at just shy of 7 pounds. I have not nuetured him so breeding is a possiblity if you so desire. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  34. Candice says:

    Can you send a picture of him, and is he house broken?


  35. Tre says:

    Looking for 1-2 Black and Tan morkie(s) boy first…and/or both boy and girl…it would make an amazing gift for our family :) don’t want to spend wayyy to put of the norm like what I’ve been seeing but would love just to cheer up our home with a couple of baby faces

  36. connie says:

    I have a 3 year old male morkie that I inherited from my grandchildren. their parents were divorcing and I have had the dog since then. I feel really bad for him because I cant give him the attention or care he needs. he really needs to be indoors but I have had to keep him outdoors. he is very sweet. he loves to walk around the back yard with anything that is light to cover his head. he will sometimes sleep under his bed instead of on top. It breaks my heart that I cant keep him but I cant afford to keep his grooming needs up as well. I only wish him to go to a loving home…. his name is Little Guy…. I live in the dallas texas area

    • Linda says:

      How big is he (in pounds)? Please send or post pictures -I am interested. How many months have you had him?

    • Kimberly says:

      Very interested !!! Will come get ! Have a 2 yr old morkie that needs a playmate ! Homeowner with gated backyard !!!please contact me 9196304595

    • Marianna says:

      We are very interested if you still have little guy

      • connie says:

        well for now we have him as the grandkids are having a hard time letting me give him up. I am still talking to them about it. Sorry

    • Kelbree says:

      I live in Shreveport. What is your asking price? I want one but the prices are outrageous.

    • Deedra says:

      I live in Dallas too and am looking for a morkie playmate for our current morkie. Please email me pictures and weight info if your morkie is still available. We have a large yard, and our current morkie who is the queen of the house is 7mo old. I work from home so they are rarely left alone.

  37. Donna Brett says:

    Not at all. I was looking for a female morkie so there would not be so much dominance in my house.

  38. monica rowe says:

    Are you a breeder?

  39. Donna says:

    Bentley and I are looking to adopt another morkie for him to have a playmate he is my baby. Sorry for any misunderstanding good luck finding your morkie.

  40. Asani Hatten says:

    She’s for sale

  41. Asani Hatten says:

    Yes she’s a girl

  42. Donna Brett says:

    My 2 year old morkie “Bentley” asked me to send this message for him. Hi everyone I am looking for a true friend that I can play with, share my bed with, and best of our share my love with. My owners are the best they show me so much love but I would really like to have a play mate. If you know someone looking for a great home please send my mom a message. This is the only thing I asked Santa for Christmas. I will be happy to send a picture of me and my family if someone is interested to see us. One more thing we live at the beach where I love to run, play in the sand, and ride in my mom’s basket down the boardwalk. It is so much fun. I hope to hear something soon. .

    • Lyndsie says:

      I saw your post about your morkie! I have been searching and have decided why buy a puppy when I can save ones life or one that needs a new home. I am very interested to show love to Bentley! I look forward to hearing from you. :)

  43. I’m in NJ also and very interested. How old is she? Can you send pictures?

  44. angel says:

    I have 2 Morkies I rescued recently who I am unable to keep for a long time. Do to I work and already have 1 dog I rescue from the pound.
    They are brother and sister a few years old is what I was told by the girl( not owner) who brung them to me. I will say this they was put in a backyard and left for sometime. I cut over 5-10lbs of matted fur off of them. But they are so sweet and love to cuddle. I have them in my home but they love to be outside too. I want a good, loving and forever home for them. thanks

  45. Andrea says:

    I would like to set up meeting you and your puppy as I am very interested. Can you please reply through my email sommers5@neo.rr.com with a picture of your puppy and the equipment you are selling. Also, your availability to meet you.
    Thank you,

  46. Can you email pictures and send more info. We are very interested. Mommatime@aol.com
    Thank you so much Emily

  47. Monica says:

    Hi – am looking for a little morkie sister for my shih Tzu furkid! I wouldn’t mind one that is 5 years or younger. I live in Arizona – have been looking, but don’t seem to find any in this area. Anyone out there looking to re-home their little one? My Sydney would love to have a friend!!!

  48. Diane says:

    Hi, we are looking for a potty trained female Morky no more than 2 years old. We live in New Jersey but would be willing to travel or arrange for transportation. I am a homeschooling Mom of a 7 and 10 yr old. We are home all day to love and care for your Morky.
    We hoped to surprise the children with the dog for Christmas. Plz contact me at dcolville@comcast.net

  49. Dancing Mommmy says:

    Looking for Morkie as the best Christmas present ever. Two daughter 9 and 7. Someone home all day. In Virginia. Want a puppy because we have an older cat can’t pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Would rather put extra money into proper care of baby puppy.

    • Asani Hatten says:

      I have a gorgeous female morkie for sale. I’m in NJ please contact if interested

    • Asani Hatten says:

      I have a gorgeous female morkie for sale. I’m in NJ please contact if interested. Email me for photos asanihatten92@yahoo.com

      • Ruth Cranmer says:

        I live in Riverside NJ. I lost Papilon in Aug, his name was Cupid only 2yrs. OH MY DOD I can’t belive how much it hurts.I really don’t want to talk about his death. I not dec for the hoildays because I miss hi so much. I’ve would like to open my heart again and save a YORKIE he would habve a home.And a playmate to play with, because his sister, Noel live with my lord. Our gates conect to a huge fence in yard. He could run and play. Please let me know any. Thank you

  50. Candice says:

    I am looking for a 2 to 3 year old female Morkie in Colorado. I’ve been searching the shelters and rescue groups for over a year and still haven’t found the right pup for me.

  51. Jamie says:


    We currently have a 3 year old morkie in central PA and are looking for a little girl to adopt. Many of the rescues won’t let us adopt because we have a 3 year old so, but our dog and son love each other. Are interested in puppies or dogs under 4 years. Please email me jamielcarey@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  52. Maura says:

    He is 10 months old and yes he is potty trained. Please send me your email address if you want some pics. Also we live in Rhode Island.

  53. sheila says:

    I’m in Cleveland oh can you please send me pics sheila.emery@ymail.com

  54. Emily says:

    I have a four month old morkie, I am trying to find a new home for. When I bought her I spent a lot and ended up figuring out I was not going to home enough to take care of her. She is almost potty trained for inside and pretty smart. Her name is Zoey and I am from Columbus Ohio area. I spent over 1000 on her and then the bad news was I am never home. She is up to date on shots and not health issues

  55. Laura H says:

    I would love to see a picture of her. Could you email me a picture and any additional information to lhord@safeindustries.com I am very interested!
    Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you!

  56. Lisa says:

    My youngest son has gone off to college and I have an empty nest to fill. Looking for a Morkie puppy to rescue. Live in S. Florida

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can recuse. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included.

      • Beth says:

        I live in Dayton, Ohio. We are looking for an older female morkie. Is she still available? Please let me know, we would love to come see her right away.

  57. Tracey says:

    My husband and I are in Las Vegas, NV and we have a morkie who wants a little brother. We are absolutely in love with the breed. If anyone knows of a morkie in need of a home here or near Las Vegas, please let us know.

  58. Laura H says:

    My husband and I are desperately wanting to adopt a Morkie. We are a young couple, with no children. We live in a home with a large yard and have fallen in love with this breed and want to add one to our family. We live in upstate SC but are willing to travel for the right one! Look forward to meeting our new one!

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can recuse. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included.

      • Andrea says:

        I live in canton, Ohio so only 2 hours from you. Is she still available? Is she good with kids? My youngest is 8, so they’re old enough to treat her right!

  59. Deb Young says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place but I am looking for someone in CT. willing to foster a little Morkie for a few months. His Mom loves him but the Family is in crisis right now and he needs to be well taken care of. Please respond if interested. Will explain more then….

  60. Monica says:

    Hi – I’d like to get photos of your little one. Thank you! Monica

  61. Maura says:

    Please send me your email and I will send you pics and info.

  62. Donna says:

    my email is realestatedoctor4you@gmail.com. Yes I would love to see his pictures. Thanks

  63. Nicole says:

    I have a 2 year old female morkie. She is adorable, but she and my husband do not get along :( and he wants me to give her up for adoption. She is so sweet and it is very difficult for me to do this. We love in michigan. If interested in more info please email me at opendoorsllc@aol.com

  64. Donna Brett says:

    yes please send pictures. How much are you asking? Why are you wanting to put him up for adoption? my morkie loves people and other dogs, loves to play. how well does he get along with other animals? look forward to hearing from you. You can look me up on facebook to see what we are about. thanks for responding

  65. Maura says:

    I have a 10 month old male morkie for adoption. Up to date shots..has not been fixed yet. Looking for a good home. Will send pics if interested. We live in RI.

  66. Lauren says:

    Hi. I am looking for a young male morkie in the Milwaukee, WI area. My parents have a morkie boy who I absolutely love. I just bought my own condo so he would be the only dog. I would really love and spoil him!

  67. Jennifer says:

    Hi. We are looking to adopt a young morkie. In October, we lost our 16.5 year old mini-dachshund to cancer. We live in Arlington, Virginia, and would provide a loving home. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can recuse. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included.

      • Monica says:

        I would love to adopt your little morkie!! I have an 8# little shi Tzu girl I adopted from Petfinder and she needs a little sister. Could you please contact me or do you have a phone number where I could contact you? Does she have any medical issues I would need to care for? How big is she? Do you have photos? My cell number is 602.739.0976. I would provide an absolutely wonderful home for your little girl!!
        Please!! Thank you! Monica

      • Jamie says:

        Is your morkie still available?

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      Looking for a home for my 3 and half year old female Morkie. She is almost potty trained, and has kennel and toys. She is a little over 3 lbs and very active puppy that needs a lot of attn.

      Location in Westerville Ohio – close to Columbus and I can be reached at emilysheiberger@yahoo.com

  68. Jennifer says:

    Hi. We are looking to adopt a young morkie. We are in Arlington, Virginia and would provide a loving home. We lost our 16.5 year old minature dachshund to cancer in October and miss her dearly. Appreciate your consideration!

  69. Angela says:

    I am looking for a male morkie, the younger better!
    I am located in Chicagoland.

  70. donna brett says:

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a morkie. I have a 2 year old now and would like a female. If anyone out there knows of someone who needs to give their baby a good home I will be happy to take her in. Please email me at any time. Thanks for your time.

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can recuse. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included.

  71. Ruthie Thomas says:

    I am looking for a Morkie to give to my 9 year old granddaughter for Christmas. They have an 8 year old Boxer that loves other dogs.

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can recuse. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included.

  72. Tracy Hoerdemann says:

    Hi! I’m looking to adopt a morkie puppy. I have a 3 year old morkie that I adore and I was hoping to adopt a companion for him. I live in Connecticut. I would be willing to drive quite a distance. Thanks!

  73. Rhonda martin says:

    From GA & homemaker looking to rescue a morkie and or yorkie malteese due hypoallergenic reasons. My chihuahua was 14 & recently passed away but I dealt w/tags allergies bc of the live I had for her. I’m now devastated w/o her. I live on a farm & have horses & I’m at home all of the time. The dog would go with me everywhere I go. I need a companion. So if anyone is out there w one please let me know.

    • Anna Adams says:

      I have a very spoiled Morkie female named Bella. She is 18 months old. She is pad trained and does very well but she does not like it if the pads are soiled. She will move them and pee on the floor if they have already been used. She is sensitive to food changes and will get loose BM’s if she if fed inappropriately. She eats chicken and purina one. I had a hard time find a dog food she would eat. She sleeps with me and prefers to travel with me. She hates it when I go to work. She is excitable and loves to run and play. Fetch is her favorite game. She is very affectionate. She will tolerate kids ~ emphasis on tolerate. She plays well with other dogs but prefers to play with me. I am considering rehoming her if I find the right person. I found out I am significantly allergic to dogs as well as any other fur bearing animal. I have a host of autoimmune disorders from psoriasis to celiac’s disease. Taking all of this into consideration, and given Bella’s age, this would probably be the best time to find her a home rather than waiting until she is too old. I live in Oklahoma. My email address is adams1166@yahoo.com. My cell phone number is 704-779-5040.

      • Anna Adams says:

        I appreciate the people who are interested in Bella but after prayerful and careful consideration I cannot part with her. I have had her for a year and I had my last dog for 18 years. I may be allergic to dogs (recent diagnosis) but my symptoms are controllable and I would be lost without her. I hope everyone who is looking finds their companion. Anna

  74. Natasha says:

    Hi we are a family in Stonet Creek, Ontario Canada wanting to adopt a female Morkey. Please contact me if you have one that needs a loving home. Thank you. tfahey7@hotmail.com.

  75. Monica says:

    Hi – is your little morkie still available?

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can rescue. Up to date on shots, and half indoor potty trained. very lovable and needs more attn. than I seem to be able to give her. She would probably be better potty trained if I was home more often to help but I work full time and she is locked in her kennel for the hours I am gone. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included.

  76. Monica says:

    Hi Deborah – I’m also looking for a Morkie – really want a female but maybe I should consider a male. How big is yours? I have an 8-yr-old female 8# shih Tzu I rescued from petfinder.


  77. Sonya Sewald says:

    My husband and I are looking to rescue a Morkie in Missouri. We are not fans of breeders in our state, and because of their size, personality and appearance, Morkies are hard to find in typical rescue locations. Ideally, we would like a female one-five years old, but are open-minded about options.

    Thank you for any help that can be offered.


    Tim & Sonya

    • Deborah Wilson says:

      Tim & Sonya -I am in Oklahoma. I have a small registered male Morkie that I am caring for until he gets a permanent home. He is close to 1 year old. If interested, please contact me at 405-543-8945. Deborah

  78. Jill Sooy says:

    I apoligize. I forgot to include my e-mail address in my previous post. I can be contacted at sooy10@me.com if you know of a Morkie who is in need of a great home.

  79. Jill Sooy says:

    Hi, My family and are are looking to adopt a small, female Morkie that is need of a great new home. We have 2 small breed dogs and want to complete the family with a third. I have worked with rescue groups and fostered in the past, so am an experienced “dog person.” If you know of any that are in need, please let me know. I work partly from home and am at work 3x a week for 4 hours at a time. I live next to my retired parents who come over to let my dogs out to potty and play if I’m away for longer than four hours. My two other dogs are spoiled rotten and she will be too. Thanks!

  80. Chloe says:

    Hi everyone,

    I would REALLY like to adopt a morkie. I live in Florida and have only been able to find either puppy mill stores or “boutiques” that charge wayyy beyond my price range. Is anyone in Florida looking to rehome a morkie? Or know of legitimate place to get one?

    Thank you!

    • CJ Smitje says:

      I have a handsome 8 month teacup Morkie who YES was an expensive amount. I work alot and can’t be around much. Can’t take him with though I’d love to. I’m only asking $850. All shots up to date, rabies and tag, his dish, food, treats, toys, leashes and harness, and of course his wonderful wardrobe closet he loves and helps put on! Including Brett Michaels, Martha Stewart clothing and more. Contact 708-691-1893

  81. Monica Rowe says:

    Hi there – am looking for a female morkie to keep my 8#, 7-yr-old shih tzu company. I do not need a puppy, but really would prefer one that is 8 years old or younger. Thak you!

  82. Ilene says:

    Thanks Regina for understanding. As soon as I get a chance today I will send you pictures Talk soon :) Ilene

  83. Regina says:

    Ilena….that’s great news. Please send the pictures to rbsmith8@verizon.net. I think it’s great that you want to keep them together! After being together for so long it would be sad if they had to go to separate homes. It’s much better if they can continue to spend their days together.


  84. Sheila says:

    Hi!!!………My family and I are looking for a female Morkie to rescue. We are located in Ohio anyone have information can contact me at Sheila.emery@ymail.com

    • Emily Heiberger says:

      I have a three and half year old female Morkie you can rescue. Up to date on shots, and half indoor potty trained. very lovable and needs more attn. than I seem to be able to give her. She would probably be better potty trained if I was home more often to help but I work full time and she is locked in her kennel for the hours I am gone. She is way in Columbus Ohio.. The freight would be the only charge. I have beding, kennel, and toys all included. She does not bark that much and a calm puppy just very playful but fragle

  85. Ilene says:

    Hi yrs they’re both still available and I can send pictures if you’d like. Just let me know where to send them along with any questions you may have. Thank you. Ilene

  86. Patrick Smith says:

    I am looking to adopt a morkie male who is spayed and between 1 and 2 years old. I live in Louisiana. Please contact me at psmith1481@aol.com

  87. AJM says:

    I’m not sure how to upload pictures to this site but if you email me at ajmarkos@gmail.com I’d be happy to send some along.

  88. AJM says:

    I have a 2 year old male morkie named Nucky. He is such a clown and loves people. Very good with kids and loves to play. I am having a baby and moving and am not able to care for him anymore. Looking for a good home for him where he will be loved and treated like a member of the family. Please email me at ajmarkos@gmail.com if you are interested. We are in Massachusetts if you would like to meet him.

    • Desha says:

      We are a dog loving family–we currently have a maltipoo and cocker spaniel that are like sisters. We have been thinking of adding a Morkie to our family for a while now. I am a former teacher who is now on disability and I spend most of my time loving on my babies–taking them to the park and spoiling them with good care lol. I love them so much. A Morkie would be such a special addition to our family. If you are interested, please let me know!:)

  89. Ilene says:

    Hi. It’s my sole intention of trying to keep them both together. They are a true brother and sister They were the only two in the litter from the breeder I bought them from. One would be lost without the other. I have faith that they will wind up where they are meant to be. I’m sorry but I can’t separate them. I hope you can understand. Thank you , Ilene

    • Regina says:

      Hi! Just wondering if your two morkie siblings are still available. I live in Maryland and would be interested in both of them. Are you still located in NJ? Do you have pictures available?



  90. Cheryl says:

    I have a 3yr old Morkie that I must adopt out soon due to my health problems. She is trained to ‘wee’ pads when she has to stay in house long periods of time otherwise she “goes” outdoors. Very loving. Loves being in your lap! She was born with a liver shunt and I was advised not to have her spayed. Her only special needs is a vegetarian diet. Please email me with questions. cherylpigg@yahoo.com I live in southwest Virginia.

  91. Renee says:

    Looking to rescue two young Morkies in Maryland. We have a loving home with 3 kids whose dog passed last year. They want some new family members to love. Preferably not puppies, but young dogs 1-2 years old.

  92. Ilene says:

    Hello again. I’m looking for a home for my true brother/ sister morkies
    They’re 4 yrs old. Housebroken spayed and neutered up to date on all their shots. They get along with anyone and other animals. They’re amazingly smart and sweet I have pictures if anyone is interested. Tinker bell is about 9 pounds and her brother trotter is about 11-half pounds My cel is 908 420-5384. Email is queenmoody2u@aol.com Thank you :) Ilene .

    • Heidy says:

      Hello my name is Heidy Paulino and I’m interested in your female morkie if you can please give more info as to why she’s up for adoption and where are u located.. Also would love to see some pics. Thanks!

  93. Chloe says:


    I really want to adopt a young morkie puppy, but I really don’t want to go through a puppy mill and so far that’s all I’ve found anywhere near me. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to get a rescued or breeder puppy?

    • Deborah Wilson says:

      Chloe – I have a male morkie puppy that needs a home. He has not been neutered and light in color. He loves dogs and cats and is very playful. My phone number is 405-543-9845. Deborah.

      • Amy Carlisle says:

        Hi Deborah. I have a Morkie female that I am trying to find a companion for. Where are you located? And how old is your male exactly?

  94. Ilene says:

    Hi Darlene. Sorry I broke my ankle and things have been a little nutty to say the least. Didnt want you to think I’m ignoring you. I haven’t exactly been up to checking my email lol. Which also means my furry babies didnt make it to the groomer yet If you’d like to see pictures of them all fluffy I can send you some in the meantime. Yes it’s been horrible trying to figure out what to do with them. Heartbreaking is an understatement … It’s been a very bad year to say the least. Anyway I just wanted to send you a quick reply and explain why I haven’t answered. You sound like an amazing person. I was praying not to have to separate them. Saying goodbye is hard enough. Ilene

  95. djg0333 says:

    Reader at facebook.com/morkiesyorkiesmaltese is looking to place his beautiful white face Morkie — check it out

  96. Pam Ramirez Salas says:

    Please contact me privately at pamramirezsalas@yahoo.com I really want to set up a meeting with Tinky and Trotter and your family. I want you to meet us and see how much we will love your babies.

  97. Pam Ramirez Salas says:

    I’m very interested in meeting them. Do you think it’s possible to set up a meeting to see if you and they approve of us? Would you like my email?

  98. Ilene says:

    The girl is 9 lbs. boy is about 12lbs.

  99. Ilene says:

    Yes desperately want them to stay together. They do everything together. Eat/ sleep/ play / and one will look for the other It’s very sweet

    • Darlene Eipp says:

      I would be more than willing to take both of them if we both feel it is a good fit. We are truly dog lovers to the max. Some people think we are a little over the top. Our family consist of myself, my husband and two college age children and of course holly who rules the house. I have a wonderful dog caregiver who comes o my home for visits if we are every away more than 5 hours. I only work half days so our holly is never left alone oo long. I take holly for walks daily to local parks. Please feel free to call me so we can connect and see if it a good fit. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be and my heart aches for you and your kids.
      Darlene 315 430 5326

    • chad davenport says:

      ! i
      I own a female morkie named Dannica cause she is so fast lol! My wife and i are looking to find friends for her cause she gets so lonley when we are away please send me pics thanks

  100. Ilene says:

    Hello. Right now they’re due at groomers. My daughter has photos in her phone. Just don’t know where or how to upload them Tinker bell who we call ” tinky ” for short is 9 lbs trotter who we call ” trot trot” is about 12 lbs. they have yorkie coloring and Maltese body. Very cute. Unbelievably smart. Listen to commands And love people. It’s extremely hard to do this There was no way I would ever take them to a shelter. I want them to go to a person or family that treats them like family not dogs. They think they’re people anyway :).

  101. Pam Ramirez Salas says:

    How big are they? I am in CT and may be interested.

  102. Darlene Eipp says:

    I am very interested in your pups…. I have 1 9 year old shih zuh and we love her to death…. We lost her best friend 2 years ago to kidney failure. We live in ma
    Please give me a call..
    315 430 5326

  103. Ilene says:

    Hi. Im ilene. I have 4 yr old morkies. Tinkerbell and Trotter. True brother and sister. Just these 2 in the litter. They are sweet smart housebroken neutered up to date on shots etc. due to losing my home and having to move I can not keep the dogs. While myself and my kids are heartbroken , I want to make sure they go to a good home hopefully together. They do everything together I’m in Nj. Not asking a dime for them. Just want them to go to a loving home. Pleasee get in touch With me if interested. Thank you

    • Jackie says:

      Hi Ilene

      I imagine you want them to go to a home together?


    • Pam Ramirez Salas says:

      I’m not sure if I am replying to the right place, but I live in CT and would be interested in seeing photos of Tinkerbell and Trotter and learning more about them. We have a large fenced yard and a very dog friendly home. They would literally be our furry children if we were to adopt them.. I would give them the very best home possible.

    • Jeannette says:

      Hi Ilene,
      I have a 5 month old morkie and am hoping to find him a companion. Can you please send pictures.

  104. Natalie Wilson says:

    I would like to adopt a young morkie, i live in the central coast of lCalifornia. I have no other pets.

  105. Charle' says:


    My name is Lay, I live in richmond va and Im definitely currently looking for a Morkie to rescue. Its been probably about 2 months that I have been looking for a nice morkie to home. I would prefer a puppy but if not, Im also fine with a male morkie. I’ve always been single and I dont have any kids so I would love to have a furry little companion to take care of & spoil.If anyone has one please get in contact with me with a picture Sharlay804@gmail.com

  106. Jennifer Smith says:

    We are in MD. Have kids and 2 other dogs and looking for a wonderful morkie or similar to adopt. We have been fostering dogs for a year and now would like to make one our own! Let us know…

  107. Jackie says:

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Jackie and I am looking to adopt a loving and sweet Morkie mix – ideally I would love to find a calmer and smaller puppy (no larger than 12-13 pounds). I live in the NY area but would be happy to either come get the puppy or have him/her shipped.

    Please contact me if you or a friend knows a little puppy in need of loving and a forever home.

    – J

  108. Wendy says:

    I am looking for a maltipoo or morkie to adopt. Preferably a female on the younger side. My mom needs a dog that is hypoallergenic. We live in Chicago.

  109. Wendy says:

    I am looking for a maltipoo or morkie to adopt. Preferably a female on the younger side. My mom needs a dog that is hypoallergenic. We like in Chicago.

  110. Elizabeth Witham says:

    I only have the male left, I live in Vermont

  111. Beth says:

    I am interested in Steven Tyler motile or Stevie motile or any Joelle or yorkie poo.
    Thank you. Please send me picture and number. I am in SW Florida

  112. sheila says:

    where are you located,, I’m interested in the female can you send me pics… Sheila.emery@ymail.com

  113. Kristen says:

    I am located in NC and am looking for a male. Can be located in NC, TN or VA.

  114. Darlene Eipp says:

    I am looking for a reasonably priced morkie female. I have a very gentle 9 year old shih tzu female.
    Will consider all ages. I live near boston and nashua nh

  115. Sheila says:

    I’m interested in a young female morkie, I do have a 7 month male that need a friend. We are near Cleveland, OH.

  116. Danielle says:

    Is your morkie still available?

  117. Danielle says:

    Is he still available?

  118. Danielle says:

    Hi is your morkie still available? Is he good with children? Is he house trained? Could u send me a picture?

  119. Susan says:

    I have a three year old morkie. He is so cut his name is Steven Tyler. I have two other male dogs and they are just not getting along. I have tried . He needs a home to be the top dog in. Please call ifmyounare interested in meeting him. This is a difficult decision. But I have to let him go.

  120. Chloe says:


    I’m interested in adoption a morkie. I would love one of the smaller ones.

    Cathie- could you send me pictures of your 2? My email is chloeblanch@gmail.com

  121. chantel says:

    Hello i am looking fora morkie,or a teacup maltese or teacup yorkie in the new york area for adoption.i am a loving mother and looking for abestfriend my child can grow upwith.please contact me at grierchantel@gmail.com or chantelgrier@yahoo.com hope to hear from anyone soon.thank u.even if you know any sites or anyone with them please contact.

  122. Pam Ramirez Salas says:

    I am looking to rescue a morkie. Please contact me if you hear of anything available. I am not interested in purchasing from a breeder or pet shop…adoption only to give a good home to a new member of our family.

    Thank you!

  123. Cathie says:

    HI..I have a male morkie aged 18 months and a female 9 months old that I have to find good homes for. My husband has lost his job and I can’t afford the extra mouths right now, as much as I love them. Please email me at cdoyless@msn.com if interested! Thanks!

    • Patrck Lindsay says:

      We have a 2 yr old morkie female and would like to recue another for a companion to our existing one. We have three girls that would love another one as well.


  124. Michelle says:

    I would love a young morkie to be a buddie for my young Yorkie!

  125. Laura says:

    Looking for female yorkie or Morkie for cheap because I cannot see myself paying over $600. Also let it be a puppy please and thank you. Contact through email please ASAP!!!!!

  126. Edwards says:

    Looking for a Moorkie puppy female, Can’t afford to pay 1,000 for a puppy so if you know anyone please let me know Thank you, Alice

  127. Carol Mulvaney says:

    Molly is a six year old morkie – She looks like a fluffier yorkie. She needs to be in a one dog or two dog home. I presently have four dogs – two little and two big and 4 cats. I also have two girls that are very active. She is not happy here with all of commotion constantly going on. She is a sweet, sensitive girl who would love to sit on your lap – maybe play with another little dog and be spoiled! Please email me if you are interested. I live in northwest NJ

  128. Diann Smith says:

    I am looking for a very small dog puppy like a Morkie yorkie poo must be under 15 lbs. full grown. Prefer a female please contact me and one reasonable for a companion one very friendly around people

  129. Jackie Segal says:

    I am looking for a puppy or young Morkie to play with my female that is 1 1/2 years old. Please call me at 904616-7369

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